In News: The Mizoram government recently organised Zo Kutpui (festival) from 9 January 2020 in at least 10 states across India and countries such as US, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

About the Festival:

  • It attempts to unify and strengthen the brotherhood among various Mizo tribes living in different parts of the world.
  • It witnesses various cultural programmes by different Mizo tribes, besides performance by various artistes belonging to Zo ethnic tribes of Mizoram and the Northeast.
  • Other important festivals of Mizoram: Mim Kut (celebrated in the months of August and September, when the maize crop is ready for harvesting), Chapchar Kut (celebrated in the month of March), Thalfavang Kut(marks the onset of harvest) etc.

About Mizos:

  • Mizo people are an ethnic group native to western Burma ,eastern Bangladesh and north-eastern India.
  • This term covers numerous ethnic peoples who speak various Kuki-Chin languages.
  • The Mizo traditionally practiced slash-and-burn agriculture due to which they were required to change places frequently.  
  • Among the most prominent of the Mizo groups are the Lushai, Pawi (Lai), Lakher (Mara), and Hmar.