Context: Recently, the Union Minister of Human Resource Development launched an initiative ‘YUKTI 2.0’.


  • Earlier, the Minister had launched the YUKTI (Young India combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation) web portal. 
  • The Ministry of HRD prepared the portal in view of Coronavirus. 

About the portal: 

  • The portal intends to cover the different dimensions of COVID-19 challenges in a very holistic and comprehensive way and is developed by the MHRD’s Innovation Cell and AICTE.
  • Through this portal, the Ministry will endeavor to ensure that students, teachers and researchers in higher educational institutions are getting appropriate support to meet the requirements needed to advance their technologies and innovations.
  • The database will provide a clear picture of the state of the innovation ecosystem of our higher educational institutions. 
  • This will also help the government to identify bottlenecks and formulate appropriate policies to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the country.

YUKTI 2.0: 

  • It is the logical extension of an earlier version of ‘YUKTI’.
  • ‘YUKTI 2.0’ has been created to help systematically assimilate technologies having commercial potential and information related to incubated startups in our higher education institutions
  • YUKTI 2.0 initiative is a very important step in the direction of making Bharat Atma Nirbhar.  
  • Youngsters are very capable of thinking innovatively and there is the need to make every possible effort to help them convert their ideas into enterprises. 
  • More importantly, initiatives like YUKTI 2.0 will also help in fostering the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our academic institutions.
  • YUKTI 2.0 needs to emerge as a Marketplace for connecting innovators with investors, so that innovative technologies can be taken forward for commercialization.

The portal will prove to be a milestone towards promoting innovations and entrepreneurship culture in our higher education system and involving youth in nation building.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1633700