Context: According to a new report by BloombergNEF (an international energy research organisation), India added just 1.1 gigawatt of onshore wind power projects in 2020, lowest in a decade. 

More on the news:

  • The report titled India’s Top Wind Suppliers in 2020 attributed the slow growth to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. 
  • The pandemic resulted in nation-wide lockdowns in 2020 and caused severe disruptions to the supply chain and movement of goods and people, delaying project execution.  
  • The Union government has recently been vocal about achieving its renewable energy targets of 175 gigawatt by 2022 and 450 GW by 2030.

India's wind power capacity:

  • Overview: 
    • India’s wind energy sector is led by indigenous wind power industry and has shown consistent progress. 
    • The country currently has the fourth highest wind installed capacity in the world with a total installed capacity of 35.6 GW (as on 31st March 2019).
  • Government’s initiatives: 
    • The Government is promoting wind power projects in the entire country through private sector investment by providing various fiscal and financial incentives such as 
      • Accelerated Depreciation benefit, 
      • Concessional custom duty exemption on certain components, 
      • Generation Based Incentive (GBI) Scheme etc.
    • Technical support including wind resource assessment and identification of potential sites through the National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai.
  • Installed capacity: Tamil Nadu , Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan are top 5 states in the installed capacity.
  • Potential of Wind Energy in India:
    • Wind is an intermittent and site-specific resource of energy and therefore, an extensive Wind Resource Assessment is essential for the selection of potential sites. 
    • The Government, through the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), has installed over 800 wind-monitoring stations all over the country. 
    • The recent assessment indicates a gross wind power potential of 302 GW in the country at 100 meter above ground level. 
    • Most of this potential exists in seven windy States as given below


Wind Potential (MW)







Tamil Nadu


Madhya Pradesh




Andhra Pradesh