Context: Human Resources and Development Minister launched national program VidyaDaan 2.0 for inviting e-learning Content contributions.

More about the news:

The programme has been launched due to the increasing requirement for e-learning content for students in both school and higher education especially  in the backdrop of 

  • The situation arising out of COVID-19 and 
  • Also due to  the urgent need to integrate digital education with schooling to augment learning.

About VidyaDaan:

  • It is a unique initiative of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development(MHRD) in collaboration with the Central Board of School Education(CBSE).
  • It is a repository of content prepared by teachers by uploading study materials for students of class 6th-10th on an online platform called Diksha App.
  • VidyaDaan is a common national programme for individuals and organizations across the country  to develop and contribute e-learning content and a chance to be recognized nationally. 
  • The content will be used on the DIKSHA app to help millions of children across the country to continue their learning anytime and anywhere. 
    • The DIKSHA Platform of the Ministry has been operating since 2017 with more than 30 States and Union Territories leveraging DIKSHA for augmenting teaching and learning processes. 
  • The contributions can be made by educationists, subject experts, schools, colleges, Universities, Institutes, government and non-government organisations and individuals.

VidyaDaan 2.0

  • In order  to strengthen e- learning content for school and higher education across states/UTs on DIKSHA app and leverage its potential use by students and teachers VidyaDaan 2.0 has been launched.
  • As the spread of the Novel Coronavirus has been  impacting upon school and higher education in many different ways, it is the right time and opportunity for all users across states/UTs to leverage e-content provided on DIKSHA app.


  • Encourage the sharing of high quality, curated, relevant & curriculum linked digital content to ensure continuity of quality learning
  • Attempts to synergize countrywide developments in the field of education by providing schools all over India, from the Metro cities to the smallest villages with good quality e-content that can be used by them anytime, anywhere at no cost
  • Empower each school, teacher, and student and improve learning.



  • National Teacher Platform (NTP) branded as "Diksha" is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. 
  • It is a state-of-the-art platform built to host Open Educational Resources (OER) and tools for Teachers in Schools, Teacher Educators in Teacher Education Institutes (TEIs) and Student Teachers in TEIs. 
  • It is built considering the whole teacher’s life cycle - from the time student teachers enroll in TEIs to after they retire as teachers.
  • NTP envisages to provide:
    • Teacher training courses (example - training on learning outcomes, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, etc.).
    • Teaching resources such as lesson plans, concept videos, worksheets, mapped to curriculum.
    • Assessments for teachers, to find out their strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Teachers will be able to access this material offline on their smartphones, tablets and other devices anytime and anywhere. 
  • Material will be contextualised to local languages as well as mapped to the curriculum.