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Cyclone Vayu has weakened into a “depression” and is likely to weaken further into a “well-marked low-pressure area” before crossing the north Gujarat coast

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  • The cyclone was earlier predicted to make landfall in Gujarat on June 13. However, it later began to move away from the state, sparing the coastline of any possible damage.
  • Vayu which has already become a ‘depression’ might cross over the Gujarat coast as a ‘well-marked low- pressure area.”
    • According to IMD officials, the system is very likely to weaken into a depression in the next 3-6 hours and further weaken into a well-marked low-pressure area subsequently while moving towards the Gujarat coast.
    • A ‘well-marked low’ refers to a state when a tropical storm has lost is strength and no longer possesses an ‘eye’ or a center, which is the hallmark of a cyclone.
  • For a Cyclone, the storm has to at least be a depression to be counted as a cyclone. Thus, Vayu may not be counted as a cyclone.
  • However, because of the complications posed by the monsoon pressure systems forecasting the track of this cyclone was tricky.
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