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UPSC Prelims Analysis 2019 GS Paper-1 And Cut-off Prediction

On 2nd June 2019, UPSC Prelims analysis 2019– an exam conducted for the recruitment in civil services.

  • Paper-I consisted of 100 MCQs from general studies.
  • I have published the answer key for both the papers of UPSC Prelims analysis -2019.
  • Paper belonged medium to the tough level of difficulty.
  • UPSC, as usual, made it tough for guess masters. Options were close. Some questions had 4 statements.
  • ‘Match the columns’ question was also asked.
  • Majority of the questions are from Biotech and Information Technology.
  • Most of the questions from current affairs from 1st 2018 onwards.
  • MCQs were asked even from 2017’s news articles.
  • UPSC focused on Wearable technology. Topics like LTE-Volte, digital signature, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) were asked.
  • MCQs on Hepatitis and multi-drug resistance microbes were asked.
  • Gravitational waves were again asked through black holes’ MCQ.
  • CAS9 from biotech was asked.


  • As we can see the pie-chart, Economy was the top-scorer with 23 MCQs coming out of it.
  • The economy was followed by the Environment and the history with each claiming 17 MCQs.
  • Science & Tech had 14 MCQs. It threw a lot of surprises as it asked questions from ‘augmented reality (Pokémon) to the ‘Black Holes’.
  • Geography had 9 MCQs.
  • I claimed 4 MCQs.
  • Government schemes were asked about 4 times in the paper.

Difficulty Level

  • 46 MCQs were of medium level.
  • 23 MCQs were of difficult level.
  • 31 MCQs were easy.
  • So there was a distinctive shift in terms of difficulty level from Prelims- 2018.
  • The general perception is that the paper was relatively more difficult.

Nature of MCQs

  • 47 factual type MCQs were asked.
  • 47 MCQs were of conceptual in nature.
  • 6 question asked for facts and concepts both.
  • 49 MCQs were asked from static syllabus.
  • 47 MCQs were asked from current syllabus.
  • 4 MCQs asked both static and current topics.

Prelims 2018 vs 2019

  • As we can see in the bar diagram, the greater proportion was given to geography this time as compared to 2018.
  • The economy portion also increased.
  • History art and culture registered a decrease.
  • Rest all subjects were of about the same proportion comparatively.


What will be the cut-off?

  • Cut off marks are decided on the basis of GS Paper‐I only.
  • However, GS Paper‐II is of qualifying nature with 33% marks.
  • This time GS Paper- II was very difficult.
  • Comprehension portion was really difficult.
  • Mathematics was relatively difficult.
  • So there will be no surprises if a lot of people fail to qualify GS Paper-II!
  • In 2018, the cutoff marks for the IAS Prelims was declined to new Low of 98 marks for the General Category. It is further reduced each of the other categories. The lowest was for the Physically Disabled category that is 45.
  • This year, the number of seats has increased.
  • Difficulty level to have increased.
  • So these two factors are expected to nullify each other.
  • So cutoff is expected to remain in the range of 95-100.
  • Anyone scoring above 100 marks is safe.

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