The civil services exam is the toughest of all the other exams demands much more than hard work from you to crack it. You must elevate your abilities, skills and personality to match the demand of this exam. Daily ask yourself if whatever you are doing is helping you to become tough and preparing you to handle this exam and it’s associated issues with confidence. If the answer is NO, do more. Do more to become the best in the business. If you are not best then don’t expect people in UPSC to either like your answers or your personality.  

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The objective of the Interview Guidance Programme by JV’s IAS Academy is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers. Besides the knowledge aspects in relation to your bio-data, the interview panel will focus on refining candidates’ approach, attitude, and aptitude to excel in UPSC’s personality test. The programme will focus on novel ways of presentation, communication, body language, emotional stability, sense of empathy and answering mechanism.               



Details of the Program

  • Exposure to some of the finest bureaucrats retired as well as working, subject matter experts, psychoanalysts, and faculty members who have had direct experience in recruitment and personality analysis.

  • Understand the interviewer's psychology.

  • Improve your answering style and body language.

  • Build up your social quotient and emotional quotient.

  • A digitally provided video recorded session so that candidates can introspect their performance.

  • Personal discussion with experts after UPSC Interview Guidance Programme for a critical assessment of his/her performance.

  • Scientific evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the candidate by experts.

  • Individual DAF analysis and summary of UPSC interview questions.

  • Overall balanced feedback by experts on how one can ace the questions asked in UPSC Interview.

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