Chairman- Poonam Dalal

Board Member 1- Smt. Sharanya (IPS Officer)

Board Member 2- Mr. JatinVerma( Founder, JV’s IAS)

Candidate- Pulkit Singh( AIR 26)


Chairman welcomes Pulkit and asks to sit.


Chairman- If you’re comfortable you can remove your mask

Candidate removes the mask.

Chairman- So Pulkit, you belong to Jhajjar dist. Of Haryana

Candidate- Yes Ma’m.

Chairman- Jhajjar was in news just 2-3 years back, what was the main reason?

Candidate- Ma’m I think it could be related to tiers of agitation we had, surrounders demanded the reservation to be offered by the Jaats, that could be one area why it was in the news.

Chairman- Are you supportive of the jaat agitation?

Candidate- I think there is inequality in the community as such but by the recent EWS reservation that has been taken care and yes I believe there is a section which needs support so its not in terms of giving but extending entitlements of the community to certain section it has to be given and I think govt has taken steps regarding this

Chairman- But I am very surprised that normally, if you by the concept of the dominant caste normally it has been in parliannance of late Dominant caste what exactly it means, any caste which is having a numerical strength but also having a dominance fair of the region So jaats belong to a dominant caste in Haryana, Why they are still claiming to be backward
Candidate- That’s because of the agrarian distress that we are seeing its not only unique with jaats but if we see other communities like Marathas, Patidas, Kapus, these are communities which we relate with culture as a practice and in recent years there is no denial that there is significant distress in agrarian and other factor its very unfortunate that in our society today we kind of having race to the bottom where we seek the agency that is provided affirmative action is a solution to their existing development in problems

Chairman- so what should be done to counter this behavior or attitude

Candidate- I think in this regard we certainly need reforms in terms of the human development capabilities that is promoting more education, more scaling opportunities extending more  areas where they can engage themselves and they are having a good transition from the agricultural background to the other sectors of the economy.

Chairman- Okay Haryana is also in the news nowadays, village is being quoted, are you aware?

Candidate- sorry ma’m I can’t recall exactly which one you are referring

Chairman- Do you have any idea about the Coridemolitiondrive?

Candidate -Yes ma’m I have read about it. Its I think arise in Aravalli and it has some issues regarding the encroachment there

Chairman-So what is the issue? Are you aware of the issue?

Candidate -Ma’am I m not much aware about it

Chairman-There are about 5000 settlements nearabout with where the supreme court has directed for the demolition of such settlement because they are lying enough forest areas on govt landsand the govt land are engrossed. Now I just want to know from you what should be done that people are claiming of this village they are claiming that they are living here for about 25 years, some claim it even later before that time period and suddenly after 25 years the govt wakes up and tells that this is govt land was the govt sleeping earlier? What is your take over it?

Candidate -Yes there could be lacuna on the part of administration in this regard but right now the priority should be regarding the rehabilitation and ensuring that they should be made sensitive regarding the ecological significance of this area, we have to go about for some solution. Definitely an alternative to rehabilitation should be looked into. Similar to that we even see cases of urban area. Its something similar to the regularization of slums also.

Chairman-That’s what my concern, so you people are not on govt land and then you come out the rehabilitationpackage or a policy and then everybody thinks that no matter you can squatter on govt land and anyhow govt is going to compensate you why would govt compensate?

Candidate -Definitely that’s morale hazard associated with this. People may feel this and I think in the first place the govt itself should be more sensitive regarding encroachments, if they took the step earlier, it could have resolved in a better way. After this long association there are other factors also associated. So, I think at the ed of the day govt always look for the amicable solution to the problems

Chairman-So you did your Btech from IIT BHU

Candidate -Yes mam it was a dual degree course both Btech and Mtech in 5 years duration. However, the university experience It was very good for me in terms of going into my own domain of engineering. Being associated with the university I could have enrolled in other courses and Varanasi being a cultural city I could also engage myself for extra curricular activities

Chairman-I am actually surprised to see any higher institution not figuring in the top 100 ranking?

Candidate -That’s definitely an issue but there are various factors behind that first is the criteria that these ranking are based on secondly we definitely have some issue in the higher education

Chairman-What kind of issues?

Candidate - My first issue is regarding the paucity of funds, because although we can say that there are some institutions which are given adequate funds, but still, if we compare to other standards, then we should also look at these aspects. Also comparing the funding. Second aspect is regarding the courses structure. Also, there is significant improvement required there also and even in the terms of students, also the kind of attitude they have there that also needs to be oriented.

Chairman-are you aware of the criteria which are basically required for qualifying, which is important for our institution to qualify into that category? What is the topmost criteria.

Candidate-Ma'Am, I cannot recall all I think, but there are some factors like the quality of research publication, like the public perception regarding the institution, the qualification of the faculties.

Chairman-Why are we not able to undertake a research in our institutions that we are able to undertake? Why it's not that much

Candidate-That's definitely an issue that we are facing. And again, the issue goes in terms of defectors. Like first, research is very capital intensive. Second, even the social factors also affect them. I can talk from the perspective of a student like students are themselves not much inclined to go in this field because of the other lucrative or other attractive job opportunities that they have then even at the for part of the faculties? Also, when they are highly loaded with the basic course work structure that they have in the institutions?

Chairman-Okay, well, so tell me after engineering you didn't opt it for any engineering kind of job. You are opting for civil services.

Candidate-Sorry ma'am. Lemon myself here. I did have a job in DRDO as a scientist, I left it.

Chairman-Now we are working in some edutech company as a curriculum developer.

Candidate-Yes ma'am. But I did had an experience in the field of engineering. Also, why you left to? Because at that time I felt that if I have to have more exposure in my life, so I need to go and prepare for civil services and I could not balance my future projects. That is in terms of preparing for civil services and the responsibility that I had as a scientist there. Hence I decided to leave my job and started my preparation with civil services.

Chairman-Okay, my last question to you. Let's say tomorrow you have made the DM of Jhajjar district. what is the sex ratio of

Candidate-I think it's around 879.

Chairman-Is it in a good level?

Candidate-Definitely not.

Chairman-What can you do for the same?

Candidate-Firstly, I will look into the present policies that the government is having and have incremental changes in that itself. Second will be taking

Chairman-Okay. Yeah. Please continue.

Candidate-Second will be taking forward the same initiative. It requires significant mindset change in terms of the perception regarding the girl child is there and their employment opportunities also. And I think some of the role models, if they can be highlighted in this regard, that will definitely help in the perception change. And to be very have an objective open in this. There is a change happening on the ground as well right now. So any particular comment schemes I can recall the betibachaobetipadaoabhiiyan apart from that sukanyasamriti. And there are others. Also whereby Mukhyamantri schemes are also there in this regard.

Chairman-Mukhyamantri scheme?

Candidate-I cannot recall the exact name, but I think it's regarding promoting. They give certain as a gift in the marriages of the girl

Chairman-Thank you.

Candidate-Thank you, mam.


Board Member 2- Belonging to a defence personal family. You must have heard of the CSD card can be created.

Candidate-Yes, sir.

Board Member 2-Are you availing that facility?

Candidate-No, sir. I'm not availing

Board Member 2-Family?

Candidate-Yes, sir. My father and my mother. They are availing.

Board Member 2-Could you suggest some ways to rationalize that? Because Defense Ministry incurs a lot of expectation on that even as it is being machine or the benefits are being diverted to her family or not the defence families. Am I right to say that?

Candidate-Yes sir. There are issues been highlighted in this regard. If we talk about the issues, how we can resolve, we have to look into the supply chain that we have with respect to any product. Now this is at the end of the customers that there are and issues us regarding concern is regarding that the benefits are intended for the defence personal and at times they might be giving to their relatives also. So in this regard I think there is a definite regime that they are having. There is certain limitation in terms of quantity that they can take and Moreover, I think by using technological means using digital tools, even the wastage can be reduced in this regard and having an application software in the it can help in the better management. So I related with the overall list that we have in supply chain in any field in this

Board Member 2-So can you suggest something out of the box regarding this? I mean that is being private in other fields. Something is being done. The other thing this could well be emulated industry as well.

Candidate-I'm not sure if you're talking regarding the biometric authentication

Board Member 2-it is already been done

Candidate-Yes sir its already been done but I cannot recall

Board Member 2-direct benefit transfer?

Candidate-I think in this regard I'm not very sure that it will be helpful in that because I think at the end of the day is about the product that they are taking.So I believe and other aspect I see here is not only about economic factor, it is also means by which we make the Javan in that they are having certain kinds of privileges. It is also kind of forms that we can talk about and DVT could be an area in which Javan might not feel that it is a Ford in estimate

Board Member 2-you must have heard about sons of soil. So I for the reservation in private sector jobs uptoRs 50000. What is your take in that?

Candidate-I think in this regard I'm not very sure that it will be helpful in that because I think at the end of the day is about the product that they are taking.So I believe and other aspect I see here is not only about economic factor, it is also means by which we make the Javan in that they are having certain kinds of privileges. It is also kind of forms that we can talk about and DVT could be an area in which Javan might not feel that it is a Ford in

Board Member 2-you must have heard about sons of soil. So I for the reservation in private sector jobs uptoRs 50000. What is your take in that?

Candidate-My take is the government is having a benign region that it wants to promote employment for the local youth, but at the end of the day will be detrimental to the growth of industry, but it will definitely hamper the investment that is coming into the region .So I feel that if they want to have a structural reform in regard, there will be more effective means of having a change or the intent and having agriculture, food processing industry as well as promoting the service sector because Haryana has been very fortunate enough to be a region of which is very in the vicinity of the developed parts of the country. So if these areas go into they can definitely have been full employment. I think that is intent that the government is having even the deal.

Board Member 2-I would like to go a little equal in that when you say service sector could be promoted or agriculture sector could be promoted food processing etc. You are using as but what would you precisely do in this case? agriculture first and then the service sector

Candidate-so I'll have very rudimentary steps in this regard. For example food processing I can have an initiative like the farmer can go for just making dalia at the first stage for adding crops like oats like similar solution like feed. So I am not talking about the crops having high receptor.I'm just talking about the rudimentary changes in this regard. And so when I talk to the service sector, this put me in terms of the bed Harbor that we can see in terms of the trees in terms of they could be even integrated with the high end service sector also as part of the environment opportunity.

Board Member 2-Otherwise this idea of reservation private sector is good. If we talk about it,

Candidate-it's definitely

Board Member 2-Considering the fact that a lot of government jobs are being privatized or are being outsourced to be private

Candidate-That's definitely a fact. But I think there's another constitutional issue also regarding this and I think the matter is we have been Constitutionally challenged also. So this is very unique that we are extending the affirmative action in the private sector. Also when we are having the idea of the liberalization then the private sector should be independent to include the factors of production. That the thing are adequate. And let's say at the other hand also is now the government jobs are very limited. So these are the two challenges that we are facing and we are kind of a great one in this regard. And I think the supreme for decision will be more having will guide us more clearly in the river.

Board Member 2-So you mean to say the judicialisation of governanance issues is good by looking at supreme court here.

Candidate-NO sir,I was talking regarding having the jurist opinion on this regarding wisdom behind the legislation.

Board Member 2-This is a policy issue. why to judicialise this?

Candidate-Judiciary I think can undertake this also for the judicial review

Board Member 2-Politicians they have been given mandate,that is one thing, but if it is leading to injustice, that is why the politicians have decided the political executive has decided to go ahead with this reservation and private sector. Isn't it?

Candidate-Definitely sir, but when we talk about the dynamics of politics, they have a good benign of opinion in this, but they were by populist means majority of unions and I think judiciary is a better organ in this regard to have holistic opinion. So the tribes of the humanity also can be with held and they can have an overall better perspective from the aspect of justice

Board Member 2-Coming to another thing, do you think educated people make good politicians or vice versa or layman can also be able politician considering the Haryana another reform of making the 10th standard Matriculation as the eligibility Condition for contesting the sarpanch's election.

Candidate-Sir I think leadership is not dependent on the education qualification. Also, it can aid in terms of better understanding. But we have leaders which were not very educated and they were more efficient than an educated one. And at the same time an educated person there is no guarantee that they will be having the calibre enough that they can inspire the massives and when we talk about the issue reservation in the punchayats in Haryana I think the intent was regarding promoting or aiding story behind it so that it overall benefits the education

Board Member 2-you're making two issues here. One is the child is and another of education.Having two child down is there. So I'm just asking you about the education issue.

Candidate-I clarify myself sir. Four/Five years ago haryana also introduced qualification standard was introduced for the panchayati raj system .I think they're requiring around eight or tenth standard that the candidate must be having so, my discussion was in that regard.

Board Member 2-So you need to say that educational requirement by the haryana government is not a good move, when you say that education educated people, they are equally goddamn time. Equally good amateur is politicians are equally

Candidate-I'm trying to understand the intent behind it. The intent was to promote the overall education at the grassroot level. And I believe in fact it has been also approved by the supreme court. It's a reasonable classification that we're having in this regard so that's my Opinion.


Board Member 1-Pulkit you have studied from IIT BHU. So I would like to ask you like IIT is being the premium institutions of our nation.

Candidate-Definitely I can give a solution, but it will be very challenging at this to implement because of the kind of support that we extend to IIT or other colleges but leaving that aside, we can look into the aspect of the residential facilities that they give to the students ,It's compulsory that students live in the hospital there and then there is a different learning whether its academic learning second will be regarding the interest and the kind of freedom that students, students are here in terms of operating their methods in terms of organizing the festival, where on a significant insight into the aspects of management and how it is carried out and third aspect that IIT focus on in terms of holistic development of the student, organizing various committees and forums, even indicates like course and cultural activities. So these are some areas it can be adopted if that being flat. Again, the challenge is in terms of extending supporting terms of funds that they might be affiliated

Board Member 1-What do you think are the strength of your personality which will make you a better administrator?

Candidate-I believe the kind of experience that I had since I had one to Google background denies invade Cantonment and there are also as fortunate that I lived in kind of a cultural capital of India and I had a very good educational background also. So that makes me more analytical in that regard. It could be take that in terms of improving the implementation of the processes that we are having from the world.

Board Member 1-Your mother is a housewife. How do you think housewives contribute to indian economy?

Candidate-My mother will call in more as a homemaker and the contribution could be summarized in the suspect that they are the backbone, particularly in our aspect.

Board Member 1-Yeah, I'd like you to suggest the five measures. Also I have to solve the problem of corruption in the administration.

Candidate-my initial step in the processes, the implementation part. I will go for more digital solution. The second will be improving the grievance mechanism by adding more feedback,by making it more transparent and so that the citizens can report themselves regarding anything. The third will be strengthening the RTI registration mode and in that particular let of to disclose the clause so that the organization themselves give as much information as possible to the public. And the apart form is I think they need to exchange the value system also in the society as a whole and more incentives should be there for for someone's indulge

Board Member 1-Will that say that India is the best policy formulator? But when it comes to policy implementation, It is at the worst. So how do you think can we change

Candidate-it's significant challenging as such because when it comes about implementation because India's diversity at times presents the challenge is because so they have to cater to different sections, different classes of the people. And Moreover, if you talk about in terms of the processes that we are having been a developing country, we are not we are not blessed with such kind of processes that we have many more factors. So these areas we can definitely look so that we can include the

Board Member 1-So do you know about NPA banks? So why do you think the number of NPA is increasing now?

Candidate-It's reflecting on the health of the economy overall. So even if you talk about the two balance sheets problem as well, if the loan has been extended to have for suppose a small MSME and if it is not able to generate revenue which is having with challenges in working capital, it can definitely not pay back to the bank that will lead to the overall issue. So I think the issue lies in terms of the healthy institution

Board Member 1-My final Question,21st century its called an asiancentury.So in India has a leadership role to play this. So in what areas can India play that role

Candidate-I think first it will be out building its own capabilities, focusing on the education, health and skilling, then second, in terms of in the first it should look at the immediate neighborhood. If it is looking for leadership, it should emerge as a regional leader and at the same time cater diplomatically the Chinese assertion and project itself as a peaceful country which is rising on the moral grounds.

Board Member 1- Thank you

Chairman-Pulkit you have written your hobbies -explainer videos.

Candidate-Yes, ma'am.

Chairman-What exactly do you mean by explain the videos?

Candidate-Mam this is a tool? It's a kind of a software I use. I make animation animated videos. It's cost effective is vis-a-vis the conventional animated videos which we see. So it's to relate right now we can relate with kind of the cartoons that we see at the young age. So nowadays software are available whereby we can use them so that we can express ourselves in a better way.

Chairman-So are you using the same in this Edutech industry where you are

Candidate-No, ma'am, I did think come into exposure to it. But right now I'm working on my part like I use it for creating certain short stories or explaining certain concepts which I think if I want to discuss with my friends. So it's kind of a hobby for me and I'm not using it directly in the profession that I'm writing.

Chairman- And how are you practicing agroforestry?

Candidate-In this regard? We are having a piece of land around in the morni Hill. So my family is involved in that. I am not involved myself, but I definitely do study about it and whenever I visit my parents, I do go and take a keen interest in this regard.

Chairman-Thank you. ( concludes)

Candidate-Thank you, ma'am.