In news: The Andhra Pradesh government has begun the process to get UNESCO world heritage status for Godavari Mangroves at Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, near Kakinada.

About the Sanctuary: 

  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary has the second largest stretch of mangrove forests in India with 24 tree species, after Sundarbans. 
  • The sanctuary also has an 18-km-long sand pit where olive ridley sea turtles nest from January to March every year. 
  • Hope Island and Sacramento Island located in the mangrove region are two important nesting sites for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles.
  • Located on the backwaters of the Bay of Bengal, the sanctuary is home to numerous endangered species including the fishing cat, otter, jackal, sea turtle, sea gull, pelican, stork, heron, snipes, flamingos among others.v