U.P. Bill To Tackle Anti-National Activities On Campus Tabled

By Moderator July 24, 2019 12:36

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The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday tabled a Bill seeking an undertaking from private universities that they will not allow their campus to be used for anti-national activities.

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  • The Uttar Pradesh Private Universities Bill, 2019, now before the Assembly, lists several conditions for setting up such institutions, including following a common curriculum.
  • The Bill is meant to enact umbrella legislation to govern all private universities.
    • A statement on the objectives of the Bill said 27 private universities have been established and incorporated under different State Acts.
    • This means there is no uniform law to monitor such private universities, it added.
    • It has become difficult to collect information and ensure quality standards in higher education, the government said.
  • The draft Bill was approved by the State Cabinet recently.

Key Objective

  • The universities will have to ensure that patriotism, national integration, communal amity, social harmony, secularism, ethics, and international goodwill are included in the curriculum.

Key Features

  • The Bill also proposes a transparent admission process and a common academic calendar prescribed by the state government.
    • At present, 27 private universities may be regulated by the proposed law.
  • Among the conditions for setting up a private university, the draft legislation also states that promoters of private universities give an undertaking that the institution will not be involved in or permit anyone to cause or promote anti-national activities on the campus. If any such activity takes place, it shall be considered a major violation of the conditions for setting up the university.
    • Non-compliance will be deemed as a “major violation” and private universities will face government “action”, stated the Bill, which aims to govern them under common law.
  • Section 3 (r) of the Bill reads, “To undertake neither to be involved nor to permit anyone to cause or promote anti-national activities inside the campus of the University or under the name of the University. In case of any such activity found in conditions of setting up the University and the Government may take action according to the provisions under this Act.”
  • While the Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Council would be the nodal agency, the Bill gives power to the state government to dissolve the university, if an inquiry finds that the Act has been violated or the university has “ceased to carry out undertaking given under section 3” or there is any fraud.

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By Moderator July 24, 2019 12:36