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Jatin Verma’s Top-Up Material for UPSC CSE 2020 (Delivery Charges Included)

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Top-up material [Checkout sample here.]

The term ‘TOP UP’ means an additional or extra amount that restores something to the level that is required. To do a complete justice to this, Jatin Verma’s IAS Academy has come up with its one of a kind TOP UP material to jack up your preparation.

The TOP UP material is around a 22-booklet module which will be in circulation till the Mains 2020. These little self-help booklets are going to be succour and are sure to augment your development throughout this examination.

Why should you buy this material?

There are innumerable reasons why one should subscribe for this material but to list a few:

  1. COMPLETE COVERAGE OF THE CURRENT & THE STATIC PORTIONS: The Top up material will not just deal with any one portion of this exam but shall touch each and every area that this examination demands. This material for sure is going to be a one stop solution for an all-inclusive holistic preparation.
  2. HARDCOPY FORMAT: The material shall be delivered at your doorstep in the hardcopy format for an efficient and productive learning.
  3. PT-READY RECKONER: This is a special one of a kind book that would be delivered around the month of April. The Current or static portion which could not be covered in the handouts but holds an utmost importance for the approaching PT-2020 shall be covered in this book. This book is going to make you competent enough to tackle what UPSC throws at you.
  4. REASONABLE: The Top-up material is one such study material which not only provides quality but also does not burns a hole in your pocket. This wee bit amount makes it a deal to steal.

The Preliminary and Mains integrated TOP UP Material will comprise of the following:

Just have a look at the sample of the TOP UP material: Top Up Material

NOTE: We understand the dynamic essence of this exam and thus to increase the productivity of the material, the handouts are going to be sporadic in nature. This simply means that in some months you will be provided with just a single handout while there will be months when you might receive around 2-3 in the same.