GSM 1 1. Page 1: Court frames charges in Muzaffarpur shelter home case 2. Page 6: Two big festivals add zing to Berhampur polls 3. Page 8: Ramappa Temple for world heritage site GSM 2 1. Page 8: PSLV to launch military’s eye in the sky 2. Page 9: Poisoned cattle carcass kills 37 vultures 3. Page 12: Trump ‘told’ Kim to ship n-weapons to U.S. 4. Page 14: Will VVPAT silence those sceptical of EVMs? 5. Page 14: Bringing Nirav back 6. Page 14: The probe on Trump and its aftermath GSM 3 1. Page 8: Watch out for ‘water mafia’, cautions CWRDM scientist 2. Page 13: SAT settles SEBI-broker dispute over interest calculation 3. Page 13: Iran seeks improved trade ties with India amid sanctions 4. Page 13: GSP withdrawal by U.S. likely to affect India’s plastics exports: Plexconcil 5. Page 15: Climate change may hit India’s wind power 6. Page 20: Ocean heat hits record high: UN Read Also:- Daily PIB Summary Read Also:- Daily RSTV Summary Read Also:- Daily The Hindu