• In Doha on Saturday, the Intra- Afghan talks finally brought the Taliban face to face with the represantatives of the Ghani Govt and Afghan civil society


  • They will be focusing on permanent ceasefire, social equality and a better political future of Afghanistan.

Key Points-

  • The talk was delayed due to the difference in terms of prisoners exchange but howsoever swap conducted last week.
  • 1000 government troups were captive to militants whereas 5000 Talibani prisoners were captive of Afghan Govt
  • It has been 20 years of war costing to a total of 160,000 lives.
  • The outcome of the U.S.-Taliban and U.S.-Afghanistan agreements signed in February has been delayed for many reasons.
  • The Taliban didn’t accept the requirement of a ceasefire in the early phase 
  • There was a denial of President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, to be appointed as the head of the High Council for National Reconciliation by Taliban.
  • Last month Ghani refused to release all but about 400 who were wanted for “serious crimes”
  • France and Australia were taking an objection as their sholdiers were killed by them.

India to it-

  • India will be benefitted from the release of three prisoners held by Taliban in 2018.
  • The first-ever address by an Indian official at a gathering that includes the Taliban stated “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” process is a desirable outcome. And also India hopes the cost of gains will not be Afghanistan in the Post- Taliban era (includes democracy, the Rights of minorities and women and institutions of Govt)