Context: Tele-Law has touched a new milestone recently with 4 Lakh beneficiaries having received legal advice under this through CSCs (Common Service Centres).

Tele-Law programme

  • It was launched in 2017 to address cases at the pre-litigation stage
  • Objective: To connect the indigent, down-trodden, vulnerable, unreached groups and communities with the Panel Lawyers for seeking timely and valuable legal advice.
  • Use of technology: Under this programme, the smart technology of video conferencing, telephone /instant calling facilities available at the vast network of Common Service Centres at the Panchayat level are used. 
  • Role of grassroots soldiers:
    • Specially designed to facilitate early detection, intervention and prevention of the legal problems, the Tele-Law service is proactively outreached to groups and communities through a cadre of frontline volunteers provided by NALSA and CSC- e Gov.
    • These grassroots soldiers have been additionally equipped with a mobile application to pre-register and schedule an appointment of the applicants during their field activity. 
    • Dedicated pool of lawyers has been empanelled to provide continued legal advice and consultation to the beneficiaries.