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Maratha Reservation Verdict By High Court: An Analysis

🕔16:46, 2.Jul 2019

WHY IN NEWS: Recently, The Bombay High Court verdict upholding reservation for Marathas in public employment and education which is a major relief to the Maharashtra government. BACKGROUND:  In July 2014, the Maharashtra Govt. had passed an ordinance providing for

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🕔15:05, 25.Jun 2019

The idea of population health or public health is said to have born in Rome with the development of bath (for hygiene), sewers (drainage), and aqueducts (to supply safe water to cities). Romans brought pure water to all their cities

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Private Member’s bill

🕔16:12, 22.Jun 2019

A private member is any MP who is not a Minister. While bills introduced by ministers are referred as government bills, private member bills are piloted by Non-minister MPs. The scope of a PMB is same as that of a Government

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Present Examples of Usage of Whip

🕔14:46, 21.Jun 2019

Recently, a no-confidence motion was moved in the parliament and was also accepted by the speaker. This article is about the usage of the whip. To vote for the motion, all parties including the BJP, Shiv Sena, Congress, TMC and BJD

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Performance of 16th Lok Sabha

🕔19:36, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF Some basic facts 16th Lok Sabha met for 1,615 hours, 40% lower than all full-term Parliaments. It is surpassed only by the preceding one in terms of the low number of hours it worked. The average for all

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Mechanism to choose Leader of the Opposition

🕔18:44, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF In each House of Parliament, there is the ‘Leader of the Opposition’. the leader of the largest Opposition party having not less than one-tenth seats of the total strength of the House is recognized as the leader of

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🕔17:41, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF No discussion on a matter of general public importance can take place except on a motion made with the consent of the presiding officer. The House expresses its decisions or opinions on various issues through the adoption or

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Heat Waves : Formation, Prevalence & Prevention

🕔14:26, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF The heatwave is a period of abnormally high temperatures, more than the normal maximum temperature that occurs during the pre-monsoon (April to June) summer season. Heat waves typically occur between March to June, and in some rare cases

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Geo Tagging and Digitalisation of Waqf Properties

🕔12:25, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF   Centre has decided to start a programme on war footing to utilise Waqf properties across the country for educational empowerment and employment oriented skill development. A programme has been launched for 100 per cent Geo tagging and

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Understand the Role of Speaker in Loksabha

🕔12:14, 20.Jun 2019

Download PDF Role, Powers and Functions of the Speaker The Speaker is the representative of the Lok Sabha, and its head. He is the guardian of powers and privileges of the members, committees and the House. His decision is final

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