Special Session to Discuss Parliament’s 75-year Journey, take up Bills on CEC, the Press


Context: The bulletins issued by the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha noted that on September 18, there will be a discussion on “Parliamentary journey of 75 years starting from Samvidhan Sabha — achievements, experiences, memories and learnings”.


Agenda of the special session of Parliament

  • The agenda indicates a plan to shift to the new Parliament building. Though inaugurated on May 28, the building was not used for the Monsoon Session, with no official explanation.
  • According to Rajya Sabha bulletin there will be discussion on three Bills
    • The Post Office Bill, 2023 to “consolidate and amend the law relating to Post Office in India”; 
    • The Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners (Appointment, Conditions of Service and Term of Office) Bill, to “regulate the appointment, conditions of service and term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioners”; and
    • The Repealing and Amending Bill, 2023 to “repeal certain enactments and to amend an enactment”.
  • In addition to these, the Lok Sabha will take up 
    • The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and 
    • The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023.


About Special Session of Parliament

  • There is no mention of the term “special session” in the Constitution
  • The President, who summons a regular Parliamentary session will also summon this session also according to provisions of Article 85(1) of the Constitution.
  • According to Article 85(1), the President shall from time to time summon each House of Parliament to meet at such time and place as he/she thinks fit, but six months shall not intervene between its last sitting in one session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next session.
  • The decision regarding holding Question Hour is entirely up to the discretion of the presiding officers of either House – the Speaker in the  Lok Sabha and the Vice President in the Rajya Sabha.


Previous Special sessions of Parliament

  • 1962: The agenda included a discussion on the India-China war situation
  • 1972: To celebrate 25 years of India's independence
  • 1992:  To mark the 50th anniversary of the Quit India Movement
  • 1997: Commemorating India’s 50th anniversary of independence
  • 2015: A tribute to Dr BR Ambedkar on his 125th birth anniversary
  • 2017:  To mark the rollout of Goods and Services Tax (GST)


Imp for: UPSC Prelims, UPSC GS Mains Paper II

Topic: Indian Polity





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