Given the unprecedented lockdown in the country, the Supreme Court provided relief to automobile dealers by extending the erstwhile deadline for the sale and registration of BS IV vehicles.  

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  1. The SC divided the inventory of the vehicles into two categories ,first category comprise vehicles that were sold before March 31 and not registered and the second category comprise those vehicles  that remain unsold with the dealers. 
  2. The apex court further ordered that the first category of vehicles could be registered after the withdrawal of lockdown.
    1. For the second category of unsold vehicles, dealers would be allowed to sell 10% of the stock once the lockdown was withdrawn.
  3. For the dealers who belong to DelhiNCR, the relief has not been extended because of the high levels of the pollution in the national capital.  

BS Norms

Bharat Stage Emission standards are norms nearly similar to European (Euro) Emission norms, and are instituted and mandated by the Central Government.

  • The Environment Ministry decides the fuel standards while the onus of implementation lies upon the Central Pollution Control Board.
  • The objective of such norms is to  regulate the output of various forms of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including those of motor vehicles.
  • It has been designed in such a manner that the more stringent the BS norm goes, lower is the tolerance level for pollutants in automobile tailpipe emissions that is a product of fuel combustion in a vehicle’s engine.
    • Simply put, automobiles become cleaner and greener with each upgrade of BS Norms in India.

Differences between BS VI and BS IV fuel

  1. The prime difference lies in the amount of sulphur present in the fuel. 
    1. BS VI is low sulphur fuel and estimated to reduce 80% of the sulphur content in comparison to BS IV when compared to BS IV.
  2. In case of NOx emissions, BS VI gains an advantage over BS IV as it brings down NOx emissions by 70% in diesel cars and by 25% in petrol engines.

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