In News:  Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has gifted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a Samadhi Buddha statue.

About Samadhi Buddha Statue:

  • The Samadhi Buddha is a famous statue situated at Mahamevnāwa Park in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. 


Image Source: Flickr

  • The Buddha is depicted in the position of the Dhyana Mudra, the posture of meditation associated with his first Enlightenment. 
    • In the Dhyana Mudra the Buddha sits cross-legged with his upturned palms placed one over the other on his lap. 
    • This position is universally known throughout the Buddhist world, and this statue is therefore one of the most typical pieces of Buddhist sculpture. 
  • This statue is 7 feet 3 inches in height and carved from dolomite marble.
  • The statue is dated to about the 4th-6th century and is regarded as one of the finest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka.
  • A replica, carved out of white teak, was gifted to India's Prime Minister Modi on his state visit to Sri Lanka