In News: In ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Narendra Modi spoke about Uttarakhand’s rung community and its novel effort to preserve its language.

Rung community and Runglo: 

  • There are around 10,000 people in this community in Pithoragarh's Dharchula.
  • Around 20,000 people in India and 1,000 in Nepal speak the language at present.
  • These people converse in the local language called ‘Runglo’ 
  • Rung Lvu or Runglo belongs to Tibeto-Burmese group of languages.
  • There is no script of this language. It is one of the few languages that continues to thrive without a written script.

Preservation of Language:  

  • They used to get sad knowing that people speaking the language were reducing. 
  • So one day, all resolved to protect their language and very soon many rung community people joined this mission.
  • Social media was also used and WhatSapp groups were formed and many people were associated.
  • People started posting songs, stories, poems and correcting each other.
  •  In a way, WhatSapp became a classroom where everyone was a teacher and a student. 
  • In the effort to preserve Runglo  language, various programs are being organised,

According to the people of the community involved in efforts to preserve the language, it was the foresight of their ancestors who made it compulsory to use the Rung language on every ceremony related to birth, marriage and death besides other social gatherings which has kept the language alive.