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The Big Picture: Noose Tightens on JeM

A day after China blocked the move in UNSC to list Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, France has decided to freeze the assets of Masood who is the head of terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad.
A joint statement by the French interior Ministry, finance ministry and foreign ministry of France was issued announcing this decision and reiterating French support to India’s fight against terrorism.
There is also an attempt led by France and Germany to put Masood Azhar on the European Union list of people suspected of being involved in terrorism.

What does it imply? 

  1. For India
    India has succeeded to a great extent in carrying forward its stand on terrorism through diplomatic
    India’s success was seen at the UNSC where 13 members stood in support of India to list Masood Azhar on the 1267 committee.
    India has made countries look at the issue not from the perspective of India-Pakistan conflict but as a global fight against terrorism.
  2. For terrorism
    France is striking at the roots of terrorism by its move to freeze assets.
    Terrorism has three main roots
  3. Ideological
  4. Financial
  5. Political/ State sponsored terrorism
    Finance is a significant part of terrorism where many individual view terrorism as a profession.
    Curtailing funds would diminish the scope of terrorism.
    It is also a message to Pakistan by France that it has to act against terrorism.
    It might affect Pakistan as it’s economy is in a dire condition and is in need of funds from international donors
  6. World opinion
    India’s areal strikes in Balakot post Pulwama has driven home the message to Pakistan that the reaction to terrorism would be different. The world opinion is also significant as no country came in
    support of Pakistan.
    Globally, the countries have started losing their patience on terrorism. The grey listing of Pakistan by the Financial Action Task Force shows countries want some action by Pakistan.

What should India do?
India should work towards putting sanctions on Pakistan by negotiating with other countries.
India needs to reanalyze its ties with China.

India should reflect its skeptical relations with China in bilateral trade and other arenas where China would seem to benefit from India.
China should be made aware that its relation with Pakistan is a short lived relation and is not sustainable.
Individuals can also contribute by curtailing the purchase of Chinese goods and lowering its demand in China.
India needs to maintain its consistency in its fight against terrorism individually as well as with the global nations.

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By admin March 15, 2019 06:09