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The Big Picture – India at SCO Summit

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit. He met Chinese President Xi Jinping, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO Summit to further strengthen bilateral relations.

However, the Amid frosty relations, no pleasantries were exchanged between PM Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. This comes as India clarified that there would be no bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

PM Modi held his first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss ways to further strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries. He termed the meeting as extremely fruitful.

PM Modi also held a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that it was “excellent”. Apart from these two meetings he also met the President of Afghanistan and the heads of the other member states.


  • The PM gave a constructive speech that followed the speech made last year.
  • PM had given an acronym last year, “SECURE” which mentioned the areas of cooperation.
  • At this year’s summit, PM gave an acronym, “HEALTH” which seeks to bring forward India’s experience in development and its engagement with other countries.
    • H – Healthcare cooperation
    • E – Economic cooperation
    • A – Alternative Energy
    • L – Literature and Culture
    • T – Terrorism in Society
    • H – Humanitarian cooperation
  • The PM stressed on the need to take action against the countries which promote and fund terrorism without naming any country.
  • He also called for an international conference on terrorism which could be led by the SCO.
  • He also spoke about radicalisation which bedevils the Central Asian region largely. For e.g. the total population of 5 countries in Central Asia is 62-65 million people out of which more than 15000 young men and women who have gone to Syria to fight on the side of the Islamic State.
  • He also spoke about the cooperation with the regional anti-terrorism structure based in Tashkent.
  • He also spoke on alternative energy and India’s experience in renewable energy.


  • Though India and Pakistan are members of the SCO, it has not become an obstacle in cooperating at the SCO.
  • India is trying to establish the historical relations that it had with the countries in the SCO which is being clouded by the concept of the Belt and Road
  • Though Afghanistan is not a member of the SCO, India focused on the country which India also has a contact group as well.
  • SCO provides an opportunity for Indian leadership to connect with the leadership of Central Asian countries.

China on Pakistan

  • China had raised the Pakistan issue with India at the SCO summit.
  • Pakistan’s economy is shattering which is worrying China as both countries have a deep relation.
  • China has invested heavily in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor which would give China access to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan.
  • China has also given out many bailout packages to Pakistan to help its economy.
  • China also remains a ‘guardian’ to Pakistan at the United Nations.
  • Pakistan is also getting caught up in the US-China trade conflict as America hit out at Pakistan to point against China at the IMF.
  • China would like to ease tensions between India and Pakistan which would help in preventing the isolation of Pakistan in the global world.

Significance of SCO to China

  • SCO is seen by Russia and China as an alternative pole in a multipolar world.
  • It is also being used by China to enhance its interests in the Central Asian region and others.
  • It has also had an anti-American slant from the beginning.

India and China

  • Both leaders have agreed to expedite dialogue on India – China boundary issue for securing a fair solution.
  • Discussions are being held since 2005 on the issue through special representatives.
  • In 2005, discussions were held on how a fair solution would be worked on the issue.
  • Apart from the boundary issue, India and China have other issues to be sorted out like the trade deficit as India has a huge trade deficit with China.
  • Both leaders are also to meet for the Wuhan 2 summit which is an attempt towards normalization of relations after the Doklam stand off and the Wuhan summit held in 2018. After the summit, the relations between both countries have remained more or less stable.
  • With US-China trade war going on, China is trying to keep up a stable relation with all the other countries.

India and Russia

  • SCO provides another opportunity for India and Russia to meet.
  • The relations between both the countries had come under strain due to CAATSA sanctions of the US on Iran and other countries.
  • Russia has invited India to visit Vladivostok for the East Economic Forum. It is seen as a significant development as east and north of Russia and Siberia are rich in minerals.
  • In 2017, India had been invited to St. Petersburg for the International Economic Forum which was highly significant.
  • India had also been invited by Russia to explore the Arctic Ocean which is a reserve of oil, gas and other minerals.
  • The PM of India had been awarded the highest civilian award by Russia even before the election results were out. This shows the significance that Russia has towards the PM.
  • Russia has also noted the fact that even though India chose to go along with the US for sanctions on Iran, it chose to proceed forward with the agreement on S-400 with Russia.


  • India, China and Russia are soon to meet at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.
  • The meeting comes amidst the slowdown in the global economy die the US-China trade war.
  • Having a significant political mandate, India has an important role to play as an attractive destination for investments.
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