Rising CO2 Levels And Floods - According to a study conducted by scientists risk of extreme floods or storms are rising due to increased CO2 level.

Key findings:

  • After every 13 years risk of extreme floods and storms double.
  • The rate at which Carbon dioxide is building up in the atmosphere is catastrophic for India.
  • Increase in disaster: “hydro-meteorological” disasters intense in the category could increase in number by 5.4% annually. On an “average” India will face one extreme disaster every year. Extreme disaster is defined as one that causes 100 or more fatalities and/or affects 1,000 or more people.
  • Vulnerability: India faces 5 to 10 times more extreme events than an average country.
  • An extreme event like the Kerala flood could strain India’s ability to cope. And the doubling of such extreme events in 13 years would be disastrous.

More about Climate change and flood:

  • According to IMD (India Meteorological Department (IMD) ), Global warming is raising the average temperature globally as well as in India.
  • In India, Heavy rain and flooding have taken maximum lives in 2019.
  • Extreme weather events: extreme events are driven by climate change claimed as many as 1,659 lives across India in 2019.
  • 2019: Rain and floods killed 850 lives in different parts of the country of which 306 deaths were reported from Bihar, 136 from Maharashtra, 107 from Uttar Pradesh, 88 from Kerala, 80 from Rajasthan, and 43 from Karnataka.

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