Model Answer

Recently the government announced corporatisation of the Ordnance Factory Board. After the announcement the recognised federations of the employees gave a notice for an indefinite strike. So, the government promulgated the Essential Defence Services Ordinance and the Essential Defence Services Bill will replace the same. The Essential Defence Services Bill will be important to secure the security of the nation and the life and property of the public at large.  It will empower the government to prohibit strikes, agitations of workers employed in establishments the government decides to mark as essential defence services, and prevent lockouts of such establishments. 

The bill will give the government the power to meet the emergency created by any attempts to disrupt the stability of the nation like the one prevailing on the northern front of the country. 

Essential defence services include any establishment or undertaking dealing with production of goods or equipment required for defence related purposes. The government may declare any service as an essential defence service if its cessation would affect the production of defence equipment or goods, operation or maintenance of industrial establishments or units engaged in such production, or repair or maintenance of products connected with defence.