Objective: The RAN was set up to provide financial assistance to patients, living below poverty line and who are suffering from major life threatening diseases, to receive medical treatment at any of the super speciality Hospitals/Institutes or other Government hospitals.

Key features:

  • The financial assistance to patients is released in the form of ‘one-time grant’, which is released to the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital in which the treatment has been/is being received.
  • Under RAN Revolving Funds have been set up in 13 Central Government Hospitals/Institutions located all over India for providing financial assistance for treatment up to Rs. 2 lakh.
  • Rationale: For poor patients suffering from life threatening diseases, where time is at a premium, such a fund is expected to facilitate early commencement of treatment and cut down procedural delay.
  • The States are needed to create their own State Illness Assistance funds in which the central government contributes 50% of the fund and the fund is granted to the Medical superintendent for treatment.