Why in News

An explosive detection device, RaIDer-X, was unveiled at the National Workshop on Explosive Detection (NWED-2020) in Pune (Maharashtra).

  • The Workshop was organized by the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), Pune.

Key Points

  • RaIDer-X has the capability to detect 20 explosives within a distance of about 2 metres. Bulk explosive in concealed condition can also be detected by the device.
  • The data library can be built in the system to expand its capability to detect a number of explosives in pure form as well as with the contaminants.
  • The device has various applications including narcotics, for local police, for customs and other detection agencies who need to detect various elements which may be explosive or non-explosive in nature.
  • RaIDer-X has been co-developed by HEMRL, Pune and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune

  • HEMRL Pune is a premier laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO.)
  • It is involved in basic and applied research in the area of high energy materials.
    • High energy materials are compounds which store chemical energy. Such materials, on stimulation by mechanical, thermal or electrical devices, undergo rapid decomposition giving out heat, light, sound and large volumes of gases.
    • The amount of energy released varies with the properties of the material such as composition, structure, density, heat of formation and decomposition, etc.
    • Examples: Propellants used in rockets, pyrotechnics used in festivities, explosives used for military purposes, blasting chemicals used in construction activities, etc., are high energy materials.