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JV’s current affairs questions are based on daily The Hindu news articles and editorials, Indian Express articles, PIB, etc. The recent Prelims, last year, has once again given more importance to current events linking it with basics, hence it is our efforts to leave no stone unturned to cover as many topics as possible from where questions can be framed in relevance to the UPSC civil services Preliminary examination.
The following Daily current affairs quiz is designed by our experts keeping in mind the pattern and trend of the UPSC. This initiative of JV’s helps aspirants to be prepared for GS Paper I of UPSC civil services preliminary examination. Both the conceptual and factual questions are framed to prepare students holistically. Current affairs are a very crucial portion in UPSC IAS exam preparation. Solving daily MCQs based on current affairs will help you understand the issues and remember important facts as well. Also practicing daily MCQs will help you learn how to analyze and attempt the questions with techniques like elimination method, calculative guess, etc.
Earlier, quizzes were integrated with the current events section on our website. Now they are posted as separate features with Daily current affairs PDF download option for easy revision later.


Daily Current Affairs MCQs

This current affairs quiz will help in preparing for General Studies Paper – 1 of UPSC civil services preliminary exam. There will MCQs which will be of both conceptual and factual nature. Remaining updated with current affairs is very essential for UPSC IAS exam preparation. Attempting daily quiz based on current affairs will help you both in clearing concepts and recalling facts better


Essential Book Based MCQs

Although UPSC is focusing more on current affairs in the preliminary exam, an aspirant must be prepared to face both current affairs and static syllabus related questions with confidence. Here we provide MCQs based on NCERTs, and core books like Laxmikanth, Bipan Chandra, G.C. Leong etc. Static portion of the syllabus can give you sure shot marks. Our new initiative will compliment the


Weekly MCQs for Revision

Weekly Current Affairs quiz covers topics from various subjects and on events of national and international importance.

With so many sources of news and the internet, we provide aspirants the relevant topics for Current Affairs preparation. The weekly Current Affairs quiz, will provide the questions based on all the important current affairs of the respective week.