Q)The Indian judiciary is overburdened with numerous pending cases. Critically examine the delay in judicial appointments which can further increase the number of pending cases.

Why this Question:

It is an important part of GS Paper II.

Key demand of the Question:

Issues arising in the Indian judicial system due to delay in judicial appointments.


Give an introduction of the huge amount of pending cases over the Indian judiciary using statistics.


In the first part, write about the reasons for the huge pendency of cases on the Indian judiciary. Mention the issues arising out of it like delay in justice delivery, overcrowding of prisons, loss of confidence of citizens in an institution as important as judiciary, etc.

In the next part, write the issue of delay in judicial appointments being an important reason for the pending cases. Substantiate by giving statistics from various reports like according to the Economic Survey of 2018-19 about 3.5 crore cases pending in the judicial system, especially in district and subordinate courts.


Conclude by giving measures to reform the system of judicial appointments and speedy justice delivery.