Q.1)“Stopping hate on television is essential for law and order”. Critically analyze how government regulations can make the media more "accountable" and "unbiased".

Why this question:

Recently the SC has made a statement in this regard keeping in view the violence that occurred during the farmers protest on Republic Day.

Key demand of the question:

Explain the need of social media regulation in the light of growing incidents of hate symbols, speeches and intolerance.


Critically analyze- The key to tackling this question is providing ample evidence to support the claims. Ensure that the analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, and alternative perspectives. Present extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources


Write about the social media and its worldwide presence and the current state of its regulation.


In the first part, mention the need for social media regulation. Mention key issues such as- offensive pictures, videos; hate speech and symbols; illicit content; fake news; online harassment and cyber stalking; cyber frauds; leakage of critical and personal information, etc. Give examples of how an unregulated social media can lead to various problems like Facebook Data Leak in the USA.

In the next part, mention recent developments made by the Government in this field such as Personal Data Protection Bill, regulation of content on OTT platforms, steps taken to curb fake news, etc. also mention that overregulation would lead to interference by the State in Freedom of speech and expression.


Conclude with a way forward.