Q.2)Abortion rights are central to the pregnant person’s autonomy to determine their life’s course. In this context, critically evaluate the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) (Amendment) Bill, 2020. 

Why this question 

Part of GS paper- II.

Key demand of the question 

Reforms that the MTP Bill intends to bring, issues with it and measures to overcome it.


Critically evaluate - Give your verdict as to what extent a statement or findings within a piece of research are true, or to what extent you agree with them. Provide evidence taken from a wide range of sources which both agree with and contradict an argument. Come to a final conclusion, basing your decision on what you judge to be the most important factors and justify how you have made your choice.


Briefly introduce the MTP (Amendment) Bill, 2020.


In the first part, write about the provisions of the Bill and the reforms it intends to bring.

In the next part, highlight the issues in the Bill like not catering to choice of women; not considering the LGBTQ communities; personal opinion of the medical board, etc. 


Conclude with a way forward.