Q.2) India seeks to play a constructive role in the Arctic by leveraging its vast scientific pool and expertise in Himalayan and Polar research. Explain the significance of exploring the Arctic region. (150 words).

Why this question?

  • India has recently released a draft Arctic Policy document in order to solicit public comments.

Key demand of the question: benefits of exploring the Arctic region.

Introduction: Mention in brief about India’s Arctic expeditions.


Significance :

  • Climate change: “Arctic research will help India’s scientific community to study melting rates of the third pole — the Himalayan glaciers, which are endowed with the largest freshwater reserves in the world outside the geographic poles.
  • New pathogens: Melting ice in the Arctic due to climate change could release new pathogens that had previously remained trapped, thus increasing the possibility of future pandemics.
  • Arctic geopolitics

Conclusion: Conclude with the way forward