JV's Mentorship Programme for UPSC CSE 2024-25

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* For any admission related queries please call us at 8882932364 and mail us at admissions@jvias.com

For any queries, Call 8882932364

JV's Mentorship Programme for UPSC CSE 2024-25

We are delighted to introduce a new and unique 365 days rigorous mentorship programme. This programme is unique as we would be roping in some of our toppers and other rank holders for preparing and curating the Study plans for every aspirant enrolled in this programme. It provides the best opportunity for young aspirants to know about the fundamentals of competitive exams. All the required academic support will be provided in a time-bound manner so that they can comfortably walk through this preparation phase. A long process of 12-15 months divided into 3 stages Prelims>Mains>Interview. For aspirants, who believe in 'there is no alternative for hard work', we try to help them as a torchbearer with JV's Mentorship Programme for the Civil Services Exam.

Why Do You Need a Mentor?
Everybody needs a mentor in every stage of life and UPSC is no less than a life span itself. Even the God of Cricket(Sachin Tendulkar) wouldn't be able to achieve the title if his coach or mentor was not by his side to guide him. Like that only you need a mentor who can help you stay on the right track and will be there for you if you get stuck somewhere in the middle.

Importance of a Mentor in IAS Preparations:

  • Designing a study plan to cover the vast syllabus in time.
  • Get you out from the web of study resources.
  • Time allocation for every topic to cover it thoroughly
  • Guidance to choose to pick up the right resources like books, magazines, newspapers, government publications, etc.
  • How to choose your optional subject so you can score better.
  • Last but most important is how to handle the stress of this Exam, this stress breaks the spirit of many aspirants every year.

How JV’s mentorship (JVMP)  program will work:

  • Every student has his/her own strengths & Weaknesses. Everyone will have different constraints when it comes to time & availability. Our mentor and topper connects with the candidates to evolve a plan that works for the individual.
  • Mentor helps to understand the psychology and philosophy of the exam.
  • Our Mentor will enable you to take an appropriate decision while choosing optional subjects.
  • Some topics have higher weightage from an examination point of view. Our Mentor will help the student to know the weightage of each topic.
  • We are overloaded by the information and study material for IAS exam preparation. A Mentor keeps you guided at this time.


What students will get from JV's MP?

  • One-to-one Weekly Mentorship Sessions: both offline & online
  • Evolving a plan that works for an Individual aspirant.
  • Time Management- Setting Customised standard time as per your availability.
  • Charting a syllabus completion plan.
  • Guidance for the Correct Sources to be studied & decide on Optional Subject.
  • Segment-wise days allocation for completing all the subjects
  • Dashboard Excel sheet-based target & Target Based Weekly tests.
  • Access to  JV’s value-added materials & 7 best Guidance recorded videos by Jatin sir and UPSC toppers
  • Answer writing methodology and evaluation-related videos by toppers and JV's Mentors
  • JVMP helps you to develop your Answer writing skills: Articulation of Words, Structure & Language of the Answer & Presentation.
  • Stress Handling, Academic and Psychological Talk sessions [whenever needed]
  • Extending required help up to the Interview Stage
  • JV's Performance Tracker  and Report cards will be provided as progress report/MRC (Monthly Report Card)
  • Crossing the 4-Fold Path along with the Mentor
  • One-to-one Special Zoom Interaction Session with Jatin Sir once in every month.         
  • Study plans would be framed by Toppers!

What is the "4-Fold Path" Plan?

 In the JVMP Programme, we have set a standard formula to succeed by bringing this unique initiative. Wherein, we will be Providing 4 Levels of scientific strategic plan & setting targets for yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. Along with this, we will also provide a weightage sheet subjective wise, topic wise & sub-topic-wise. Through this, we make sure that the candidate is investing qualitative time only in the area which requires more. Our main vision is to make the way easier for each aspirant to succeed by extending all the required academic support.

* For any admission related queries please call us at 8882932364 and mail us at admissionsforjvias@gmail.com

For any queries, Call 8882932364