Main Answer Writing Guidence April 2022 by JV"S IAS Academy

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JV's MARG- Mains Answer wRiting Guidance Program 2022-23 (April)

Mains Examination is a critical stage and top scores in this stage decide the candidate's future into the bright spot of Civil Services. Due to the vast UPSC syllabus, aspirants often find themselves in such a critical situation, where they run out of time to develop quality answer writing skills. Another situation arises where Aspirants are forced to cram yearly current affairs magazines to enrich their content for Mains. Such circumstances can make Mains exam a tough nut to crack.

Keeping these situations in mind, JV’s has launched MARG- Mains Answer wRiting Guidance Program for UPSC CSE 2022-23. It is helpful in developing Answer Writing Skills, Structure & Presentation of the answer, Understanding of keywords, and providing real timing of the actual UPSC Examination.

It is an Annual Answer writing Guidance Program that can be availed on monthly basis also. The purpose of the JV's MARG is to improve the scores of students in the Mains Exam and develop their Writing Skills so that knowledge could be converted in good answers without any difficulty.



  • Blend of Test Series (35 Tests) + Answer Writing Program
  • Coverage of Vast Mains Syllabus at a Micro Level
  • Helpful in developing Writing Skills
  • Timely completion of Syllabus
  • Coverage of Important Current Themes + Conventional Topics
  • Important Keywords (Enumerate, Critically Examine, etc.) will be given
  • UPSC Glossary for Mains GS- I, II, III , IV will be provided
  • Model Answer + Timely Evaluation
  • Discussion cum Content Enrichment Session after every Test
  • Mentor Guidance Available
  • Course can be availed on Monthly basis also

Fee Structure:
Enroll now for the Monthly package @ Cost of ₹ 3000
Enroll for Yearly Program @ Cost of ₹ 29,999

*For any questions, call 8882932364

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Total Tests: 2

#1 Test

GS 2 Full Paper

Uploaded on 3rd April 2022

#2 Test

GS 3 Full Paper

Uploaded on 17th April 2022

* For any admission related queries please call us at 8882932364 and mail us at

For any queries, Call 8882932364