Daily Marg 2.0 For UPSC CSE 2023-24 (November Batch)

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Daily Marg 2.0 For UPSC CSE 2023-24 (November Batch)

The Mains Examination is a crucial milestone, and high grades here determine a candidate's future in Civil Services. The answer writing practice should be done in tandem with your preparation. Many applicants are disqualified owing to poor writing abilities and a disregard for facts based on the method of writing, such as the use of keywords, a comprehensive answer, language, and illustrations, among other things. Are you too worried about your mains and struggling to keep up with frequent response writing? Do not worry, JV’s IAS got you covered. Keeping in mind the resources and demand of the aspirants, JV’s IAS is launching ‘DAILY MARG’- Sure path to LBSNAA. 

JV's IAS will cover all four papers and focus on how to write a complete answer with a proper introduction, body, and conclusion with personalized feedback. It will be completely consistent with the UPSC standards. 
Daily News Articles from THE HINDU or INDIAN EXPRESS will be used as the base for framing UPSC Mains Questions.
The keywords used in UPSC mains examination will be taught through every day answer writing practice.
Question days for Mains Questions:
Monday: Polity & Governance
Tuesday: Social Issues
Wednesday: Geography & Environment 
Thursday: International & Global issues
Friday: Science & Tech, Disaster Mgt., Internal Security 
Saturday: History and/or Miscellaneous topics

Fee Structure: Rs 1200/- Monthly
Annual: Rs. 12,000/-

  • Daily 1 terminology
  • Coverage of every section of GS through daily Mains Questions  (Weekly-6 Qs), 
  • Daily 10 MCQs ( 5 static + 5 Current)
  • Monthly-2 Essays, 
  • Weekly 1 guidance video on answer writing and/or topic-specific
  • Guaranteed evaluation in 24 hours.
  • Theme-based daily practice questions (Every week on one theme from one GS paper to cover all topics of mains comprehensively)
  • An opportunity to talk with your Evaluators - Video sessions to explain how to write a good answer
  1. The test will be conducted online and offline. 
  2. This  JV’s IAS ‘DAILY MARG’- Sure path to LBSNAA will be added to your registered account on our website.
  3. Performance analysis will be provided after every test.
  4. Validity: 30 days
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₹ 1200