Jatin Verma IAS Academy is elated to announce that It will be posting Quick Revision Modules targeted for Prelims 2020 named as Prelims Reckoner. As the name suggests, Prelims Reckoner is a Revision module that consists of important current events of National and International importance in strict adherence with sections mentioned in UPSC Syllabus for Preliminary Examination.

It will be released in the order:

  1. Environment
  2. Polity
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Economy
  5. International Organizations/Relations
  6. Art and Culture
  7. Government Schemes

Now, as far as the nature of the Preliminary Exam is concerned, it is expected from one to be a Keen Observer. So, in order to reap dividends from this initiative, it is advised to read JV IAS Monthly Current Affairs Magazines to keep yourself abreast with the nitty-gritty of various issues of current events. 

Please be vigilant with the important keywords and do not hesitate to refer to Your notes, Standard books, Google for additional information.

Lastly, we are all ears to your Feedbacks/Suggestions/Improvements mail us at, because it is our core belief that learning should go on.  

Extending our Best Wishes to You