In news: The National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) organized one day National workshop on Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) on 23rd September 2019. 

  • The focus of this workshop was to disseminate the outcome documents of the study to all the relevant stakeholders so that the same may be utilized by them as a reference document while preparing the memorandum for submission to the MHA in post disaster phase. 
  • The workshop also discussed the issues and challenges faced by States in assessment of damage and loss along with the capacity gap for undertaking such detailed exercise.
  • National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM), undertook the study for developing a scientific tool on Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA), under the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP).
    • The National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) was constituted under Disaster Management Act 2005.
    • NIDM provides Capacity Building support to various National and State level agencies in the field of Disaster Management & Disaster Risk Reduction
    • The Institute's vision is to create a Disaster Resilient India by building the capacity at all levels for disaster prevention and preparedness.

About PDNA

  • Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) is the first step towards developing a holistic recovery programme that promotes equity and inclusion.
  • The main goal is to assess the full extent of a disaster’s impact, define the needs for recovery, and, in so doing, serve as a basis for designing a recovery strategy and guide donors’ funding.
  • The PDNA tool was developed by the UN Development Group, the World Bank and the European Union as one of the key commitments of their 2008 agreement to develop and use common assessment and recovery planning approaches in post-crisis settings. 

National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP)

  • Objective: To undertake suitable structural and non-structural measures to mitigate the effects of cyclones in the coastal states and UTs of India.
  • National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) will implement the Project in coordination with participating State Governments and the National Institute for Disaster Management (NIDM).
  • The Project has identified 13 cyclone prone States and Union Territories (UTs), with varying levels of vulnerability. 
  • These States/UT have further been classified into two categories,based on the frequency of occurrence of cyclones, size of population and the existing institutional mechanism for disaster management.