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POLITY as a subject deals with the Constitution, the Local Administration, the Parliament, the Union, and the State, etc. On the other hand, GOVERNANCE talks about how citizens are governed by the State. In this course, Jatin Verma will do comprehensive coverage of Indian polity for General Studies Mains Paper II with special reference to previous year questions. The course will focus on conceptual understanding linking the static portion of the polity to relevant current affairs.

Course Highlights

  • Starts on 5th Feb 2020
  • 71 Lessons, 13 Quizzes
  • Language: English

Programme Features

  • Pre and Mains oriented classes.
  • Special emphasis on Contemporary and Current Developments.
  • Pre and Mains oriented questions will be provided for practice
  • Free soft copy of the Jatin Verma’s Current Affairs Magazine
  • Exhaustive Coverage of the whole polity and Governance Syllabus.
  • Interrelation between different theories and current affairs for an absolute and holistic understanding of a topic.
Polity & Governance PDF's
2020-01-27 Basic Understanding of Indian Polity
2020-01-28 Brief Introduction of Indian Constitution: Salient features, Parts, Schedules, Articles, Comparison
2020-01-29 Structure of Indian Polity: Parliamentary Form of Government, Federal System
2020-01-30 Doubt Clearing + Preamble to the Constitution of India- Philosophy of Constitution
2020-01-31 Preamble to the Constitution of India- Recent Controversies
2020-02-01 Weekly Quiz - I(8 PM)
2020-02-03 Fundamental Rights- Introduction
2020-02-03 Parliament-2: System of Elections in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha- FPTP etc.
2020-02-06 Fundamental Rights- Articles, Reservation Policy, Indira Sawhney Case
2020-02-07 Fundamental Rights- Articles- 17,18, 19: Ban on Movies, Begging as a profession
2020-02-08 Weekly Quiz - II(8 PM)
2020-02-10 Fundamental Rights- Articles- 20, 21 and 21-A: Right to Privacy, Euthanasia
2020-02-11 Doubt Clearing + Fundamental Rights- Articles- 22, 23, 24, 25, 26: Religious Rights: Triple
2020-02-12 Fundamental Rights- Articles- 27, 28
2020-02-13 Fundamental Rights- Articles- 29, 30, Spl. officer for Linguistic Minorities
2020-02-15 Weekly Quiz - III(8 PM)
2020-02-17 Directive Principles of State Policy- 1: Basics of Arts. 36 to 51
2020-02-18 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-02-19 Directive Principles of State Policy- 2: Means of Social Transformation
2020-02-20 Fundamental Duties: Swaran Singh & Verma Committee Recommendations
2020-02-22 Weekly Quiz - IV(8 PM)
2020-02-24 President- Election, Qualification, Oath and Conditions, Term, Impeachment
2020-02-25 Emergency
2020-02-25 State Emergency and Financial Emergency
2020-02-26 Vice President- Election, Qualifications, Oath, Term, Vacancy, Powers and functions
2020-02-27 Central Council of Ministers, Cabinet & Cabinet Committees
2020-02-28 Parliament-1: Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Duration, Composition, Membership
2020-03-02 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-03-04 Parliament-3: Speaker of Lok Sabha: Election, Role, Duties and controversy
2020-03-05 Parliament-4: Sessions of Parliament, Legislative Process, Joint Sitting
2020-03-06 Parliament

Topics to be Covered:-

  • About Parliament
  • Rajya Sabha and Its Composition
  • Punchhi Commission on Rajya Sabha
  • Process of Election Of Rajya Sabha
  • Controversies regarding it
  • Lok Sabha and Its Composition
  • Process of Its Election
  • Recent Controversy: Reservation for Anglo Indians
  • Salaries and Allowances and its related issues
  • Speaker and Chairman of both the houses
  • Parliamentary Sessions in India
  • Premature dissolutions and Hung Assembly
2020-03-06 Doubt Clearing + Parliament-5: Budget in Parliament; Money Bill, Finance Bill Category-1 & 2
2020-03-07 Weekly Quiz - VI(8 PM)
2020-03-10 Parliament-6: Position of Rajya Sabha and Punchhi Commission
2020-03-11 Parliament Part - 3

Topics to be covered:

  • Multi-Functional Role of Parliaments
  • Ineffectiveness of Parliamentary Control
  • Position of Rajya Sabha
  • Special Powers of Rajya Sabha
  • Parliament Privileges
  • Controversies related to privileges
  • Sovereignty of the Parliament
  • Federal System of Government


2020-03-11 Parliament-7: Recent issues: Disruptions, Misuse of Money bill, Parliamentary Privileges
2020-03-12 Anti Defection Law: 10th Schedule and 52nd Amendment

Topics to be covered:-


  • Anti-Defection Law
  • Disqualification
  • Rule-Making Power
  • 91st Amendment Act (2003)
  • Current Scenario
    1. MP Political Crises
    2. Karnataka Political Crises
    3. Interpretations of Supreme court
    4. Committee recommendations
    5. Impact of Anti defection Law
2020-03-12 Anti Defection Law: 10th Schedule and 52nd Amendment
2020-03-13 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-03-14 Weekly Quiz - VII(8 PM)
2020-03-16 Parliamentary Committees, Parliamentary Forum, Parliamentary Group
2020-03-17 Governor- Appointment, Role & Duties, Pardoning Power, Relationship with CM
2020-03-18 Governor- Controversies & Solutions: Sarkaria & Punchhi Commission
2020-03-19 Doubt Clearing + Chief Minister and State Council of Ministers
2020-03-20 State Legislature-1: Organisation (Unicameral or Bicameral), Composition, Membership
2020-03-21 Weekly Quiz - VIII(8 PM)
2020-03-23 State Legislature-2: Sessions, Legislative process, Privileges
2020-03-24 State Legislature-3: Position of Legislative Council: Membership & Role
2020-03-25 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-03-26 Union and Territory, Citizenship
2020-03-27 Centre State Relations-1: Legislative & Administrative areas
2020-03-28 Weekly Quiz - IX(6 PM)
2020-03-30 Centre State Relations-2: Financial Relations after GST
2020-03-31 Doubt Clearing + Centre State Relations-3: Emerging issues- Special Category Status
2020-04-01 Inter State Relations
2020-04-03 Emergency Provisions: Article 352, 356 and 360
2020-04-04 Weekly Quiz - X(6 PM)
2020-04-06 Supreme Court: Organisation, Independence, Powers and Jurisdiction; Attorney General
2020-04-07 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-04-08 Supreme Court- Internal Functioning-Roster, appointment of judges
2020-04-09 Judicial Review, Judicial Activism, PIL
2020-04-11 Weekly Quiz - XI(6 PM)
2020-04-14 High Courts- Organisation, Independence, Powers and Jurisdiction; Advocate General
2020-04-15 Doubt Clearing + Special status of J&K, Special provisions for some states
2020-04-16 Panchayati Raj Bodies- 73rd Amendment Act and PESA; Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
2020-04-17 Municipalities- 74th Amendment Act, Problems & Prospects: Smart City Project
2020-04-18 Weekly Quiz - XII(6 PM)
2020-04-20 Local Bodies: 25 years of functioning: “Triple F” problem; Economic Survey 2018 findings
2020-04-21 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-04-22 Scheduled & Tribal Areas: PESA
2020-04-23 Election Commission: Composition, Independence, Powers, Recent issues and solutions
2020-04-24 Lokpal & Lokayuktas; UPSC, SPSC- Part I
2020-04-25 Weekly Quiz - XIII(6 PM)
2020-04-27 Doubt Clearing + Lokpal & Lokayuktas; UPSC, SPSC- Part II
2020-04-28 Finance Commission: Composition, Functions, Terms of Reference issue
2020-04-29 NCSC, NCST, Special Office for Linguistic Minorities
2020-04-30 CAG, Attorney General of India, Advocate General of the State
2020-05-01 Doubt Clearing Session
2020-05-02 Weekly Quiz - XIV(6 PM)
2020-05-04 Non Constitutional Bodies: Central Information Commission,State Information Commission, NITI Aayog
2020-05-05 Co-operative Societies, Official Language
2020-05-06 Public Service, Right and liabilities of the Government, Authoritative text
2020-05-07 Doubt Clearing + Tribunals & Subordinate Courts- District Courts, Sessions Courts, Fast Track Courts
2020-05-09 Weekly Quiz - XV(6 PM)
2020-05-11 Tribunals & Subordinate Courts- District Courts, Sessions Courts, Fast Track Courts
2020-05-12 Election Reforms, Pressure Groups, Foreign Policy
2020-05-13 Amendment of the Constitution, Basic Structure of the Constitution
2020-05-17 Mega Quiz