PM live addressed the nation on Successful Execution of Mission Shakti

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An anti-satellite weapon A-SAT successfully targeted a live satellite on a low earth orbit.

About Mission Shakti

  • Mission Shakti is India’s defence initiative for its security against enemy satellites.
  • The mission was completed using an ASAT Made in India by DRDO.
  • An anti-satellite missile destroyed a live satellite in just 3 minutes in Low Earth Orbit.
  • Till now only the US, Russia and China have achieved this. Now India is the 4th country to achieve this feat.

Low Earth Orbit

A Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is an Earth-centered orbit with an altitude of 2,000 km (1,200 mi) or less (approximately one-third of the radius of Earth), or with at least 11.25 periods per day (an orbital period of 128 minutes or less) and an eccentricity less than 0.25. Most of the manmade objects in space are in LEO. PM’s live addressed the nation on Successful Execution of Mission Shakti

Is India entering into an arms race in outer space?

  • India has no intention of weaponisation of outer space.
  • India believes that outer space is the common heritage of humankind.
  • India is party to Outer Space Treaty which prohibits only weapons of mass destruction in outer space, not ordinary weapons.
  • India also supported UNGA resolution 69/32 on No First Placement of Weapons on Outer Space.
  • India has been participating in all sessions of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

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  • The Defence Research and Development Organisation was formed in 1958 under the Ministry of Defence.
  • DRDO is a network of more than 50 laboratories which are deeply engaged in developing defence technologies.
  • Disciplines covered are –Aeronautics, Armaments, Electronics, Combat vehicles, Engineering systems, Instrumentation, Missiles, Advanced computing and simulation, Special materials, Naval systems, Life sciences, Training, Information systems and agriculture

Some of India’s dedicated satellites and missions

  • Mangalyaan Mission – Mission to Mars
  • Gaganyaan Mission – To take Indians to outer space.
  • HySIS – India’s first hyper spectral imaging satellite
  • GSAT – Communication Satellite
  • NAVIC – Navigation Satellite /Global Positioning System
  • Astrosat – Space Sciences/ Observatory
  • Cartosat – Earth observation satellites for research on Earth Sciences
  • Pratham – Indian ionospheric research satellite
  • South Asia Satellite – Communication satellite for India and its neighbour except for Pakistan
  • EMISAT – Will be launched on 1 st April 2019 for monitoring radar network by India.

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By admin March 27, 2019 14:36