Context: The Prime Minister greeted the people of Assam on the occasion of Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu.

  • India is celebrating Nav Varsh or the Hindu New Year amid the Covid pandemic for the second year in a row.

About Bihu 

  • It is the main festival of Assam which is celebrated three times a year. 
  • Kongali or Kati Bihu observed in October and Bhogali or Magh Bihu observed in January. 
  • Rongali or Bohag Bihu is observed in April. Rongali or Bohag Bihu is the Assamese new year and spring festival. 
  • The Rongali Bihu coincides with Punjabi New Year Baisakhi. 
  • It is a harvest or sowing festival. 
  • On Rongali Bihu, Assamese visit their friends and families and celebrate it with feasts, music and dancing. They also hang brass, copper or silver pots on poles in front of their house.
  • Festive food - pitha (rice cake) and larus (traditional food made of rice, coconut) are prepared. Traditional drinks like Chuje, Nam-Lao by Tai-Ahom, Aapong by Mising tribe and Jolpan are also prepared and shared among family and friends.