Why is it in the news ?

PLFS was launched by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in 2017, under MoSPI (Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation).

Highlights of the survey:

  • Job market conditions in the country are more worrisome than what the headline numbers reveal.
  • It reveals that India still lags far behind its South Asian neighbours and developing economies such as China (53.1%), Brazil (67.7%) and South Africa (84.8%) in the share of salaried or regular jobs.
  • There exists a divide between wages and earnings with respect to urban areas-rural areas, men-women.


Periodic Labour Force Survey

The PLFS has been launched with an objective of measuring quarterly changes of various labour market statistical indicators in urban areas as well as generating annual estimates of these indicators both for rural and urban areas, which can be used for policy making.