Opening Up Data-Maharashtra Unveil Public Cloud Policy

By admin May 24, 2019 16:02

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Maharashtra Government as per its new public cloud policy has transferred 10 terabytes (tb) (20%) of data to the centres it leased from private service providers.

    • Last year, Maharashtra government (a first by any State) empanelled five service providers to store about 1.25 lakh documents and files various State departments produced every day.
    • The empanelment is in line with a public cloud policy unveiled with the idea of giving citizens access to State data.
  • Public cloud is a fully-virtualized environment providing a multi-tenant architecture that enables users to share computing resources or data.
  • Policy virtually mandates departments to shift their data storage onto the cloud, which intends to make them available for free to the general public.
  • The objective is to use public cloud in cases wherever the Right to Information Act is applicable, and then go in for enhanced security features for private and sensitive data, which is also stored on the cloud.
  • The policy is also compliant with the Union government’s National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy, 2012, which mandates facilitation of access to government-owned shareable data in human-readable and machine-readable forms.


  • This accelerates e-governance, and opens an area for private sector investments, taking new technologies to all the departments as the government is the biggest data creator and consumer.
  • With the public cloud, there would be no requirement of centralised data centres, resulting in a low maintenance cost and reduced expenditure on IT resources.
  • The providers also offer services that will allow the government to analyse and present data to citizens in a better way.

The CSPs provides the government with a fully-managed data warehouse to make it simple and cost-effective to analyse data using Standardised Query Language and Business Intelligence tools.

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By admin May 24, 2019 16:02