The urban bent-toed gecko named Cyrtodactylus Urbanus, a new species of urban lizard has been found in the city of Guwahati.


Cyrtodactylus is a diverse genus of Asian geckos, commonly known as bent-toed geckos or bow-fingered geckos. It has at least 250 described species at present, which makes it the largest of all gecko genera.

Different from other species

  • All bent-toed geckos in Northeast India were thought to be a single species, the Cyrtodactylus khasiensis found primarily in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. But the new species when compared with other species, made global experts realize it was a different species.
  • Herpetologists and researchers who made the discovery, are of the view that the new species of lizard is markedly different in molecular structure, blotch, and color from the Cyrtodactylus guwahatiensis, or the Guwahati bent-toed gecko, that was discovered two years ago.

This study tries to establish: 

  • The Cyrtodactylus Urbanus is the 12th recorded gecko from the Northeast.

  • What this study tries to establish is that some urban spaces to have life forms that are often overlooked but in danger of being wiped out because of concrete development. 
  • More studies need to be done before time runs out for such life forms.

Guwahati is home to 26 species of amphibians, 57 species of reptiles, 214 species of birds and 36 species of mammals. 

The city provides that edge for urban biodiversity to thrive because it encompasses 18 hills, eight reserve forests, two wildlife sanctuaries and a Ramsar site (wetland) besides the Brahmaputra river.

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