The Zoological Survey of India has discovered a new snake eel species, eighth one of the Ophichthus genera found on the Indian coast

The newly discovered marine species has been named Ophichthus Kailash Chandra to honour the vast contributions of Dr Kailash Chandra, Director of ZSI.

Features of the species

  • lives at a depth of around 50 metres in the sea
  • Individuals of this species are around 420 mm to 462 mm in length
  • They are light brown in colour, with white fins


  • Ophichthinae family eels have 24 species, 8 of which are now identified in the Indian waters. 
  • The discovery of the new species suggests that the marine biodiversity of the long Indian coastline is still considerably unexplored. More explorations of this biodiversity will help in its conservation and proper utilisation

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