National Register of Citizens (NRC) Updation

  • 40 Lakh applicants excluded from the updated NRC
  • In fact, the final draft of the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam listed approx. 2.89 crore citizens. These were out of approx. 3.29 crore applicants for inclusion.
What is NRC?
  • The NRC (National Register of Citizens), or NRC, is the list of Indian citizens in Assam. It is being updated to weed out some illegal immigration from Bangladesh and also from neighbouring regions.
  • Furthermore, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the list of Indian citizens of Assam. And, it was prepared in the year of 1951, following the census of 1951.
  • Moreover, the NRC which includes the names of the person or their descendants whose name appear in NRC 1951 or any of the Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24th March in the year of 1971.
  • In fact, any person, who does not find his/her name in the draft NRC may file the claims. Similarly, any person can file objections in respect of the inclusion of any name in the draft NRC (National Register of Citizens) list.
  • The people have a graded appeals process in the order – NRC Seva Kendras, District magistrates, The Foreigners’ Tribunals, The Guwahati High Court, the Supreme Court.
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  • The Burdened by decades of migration from Bangladesh — formerly East Bengal and then East Pakistan — The Assam already has an NRC (National Register of citizens), which was published in the year of 1951 on the basis of that year’s Census. But, the only state with such a document, Assam is currently updating it to identify its citizens.
Issues with NRC:
  • Exclusion of 40 lakh people from the final draft of the NRC.
  • Most of those left out are Muslims. In fact, they might feel persecuted under the rightist BJP-led Modi government at the centre and also Sarbananda Sonowal government in the Assam.
  • Moreover, the Assam has a peculiar problem of villages getting ravaged, or disappearing, due to the annual floods unleashed by the fiery Brahmaputra. The documents get destroyed, geographies shift and also addresses change.
  • However, it is often perceived that instead of helping ease the process, officials on the ground and in the foreigners’ tribunals have been nitpicking, asking for the inaccessible evidence and also generally being uncooperative.
  • Besides, the thousands of people which including the poorest and also illiterate, have been running from pillar to post, often through large distances, with the old, damaged documents, to prove their identity.
  • In fact, the implementation of NRC may lead to serious law and also order problem not just in Assam but also in other parts of our India.
  • There have been several cases of people who have the made bogus official identity cards like Aadhaar, PAN card, ration card and also voter's identity card.
  • Moreover, the left out will not be entitled to buy land or a house in the country.
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