National AYUSH Mission 


It is a centrally sponsored scheme to promote AYUSH medical systems through cost effective AYUSH services, strengthening of educational systems, facilitate the enforcement of quality control of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani & Homoeopathy (ASU &H) drugs and  sustainable availability of ASU & H raw-materials.


Components of the mission

Mandatory Components

a. AYUSH Services

b. AYUSH Educational Institutions

c. Quality Control of ASU &H Drugs

d. Medicinal Plants

Flexible Components:-

Out of the total State envelop available, 20% funds will be earmarked for

flexible funds which can be spent on any of the items given below:

a. AYUSH Wellness Centres including Yoga & Naturopathy*

b. Tele-medicine

c. Sports Medicine through AYUSH

d. Innovations in AYUSH including Public Private Partnership

e. Reimbursement of Testing charges

f. IEC activities

g. Research & Development in areas related to Medicinal Plants

h. Voluntary certification scheme: Project based.

i. Market Promotion, Market intelligence & buy back interventions

j. Crop Insurance for Medicinal Plants


Resource allocation framework

For AYUSH Services, Educational Institutions and Quality Control of ASU&H Drugs:-

  • For special Category states (NE States and three hilly States of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir) Grant-in-aid component will be 90% from Govt. of India and remaining 10% is proposed to be the State contribution towards all components under the scheme. 
  • For other States/UTs the sharing pattern will be 75%:25%.

For Medicinal Plants: This component will be financed 100% by Central Government in North Eastern State and hilly State of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir whereas in other states it will be shared in the ratio of 90:10 between Centre and States.

The procurement of medicines will be made by the States/UTs as per the existing guidelines of the scheme.

The Resource Pool to the States from the Government of India under the Mission shall be determined on the basis of following:

i.Population with 70% weightage and 2 as multiplying factor for EAG States, Island UTs and Hilly States.

ii.Backwardness determined on the basis of proxy indicator of per capita income will have 15% weightage and

iii.Performance to be determined on the inverse proportion of percentage of UCs due and pending as on 31st March of the previous financial year will have 15% weightage.


Monitoring framework

Dedicated MIS monitoring and evaluation cell would be established at Centre/ State level. 

It is therefore proposed to have a Health Management Information System (HMIS) Cell at National level with three HMIS Managers and one HMIS Manager at State level.

The concurrent evaluation of the AYUSH Mission shall be carried out to know the implementation progress and bottlenecks and scope for improvement. 

Third party evaluation will also be carried out after two years of Mission implementation.