Mother’s Milk Banks To Come Up At Government Hospitals

By Moderator June 28, 2019 10:15

Guardian ministers would be asked to provide funds from District Planning Development Committees (DPDCs) to set up mother’s milk banks in all the government-affiliated medical colleges in Maharashtra

  • Guardian ministers are appointed to look after the development plans and related needs of each district in Maharashtra. This is an additional responsibility given to ministers.

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  • The legislative assembly was informed that Nagpur Medical College and Hospital (NMCH) to set up such a bank, where healthy lactating mothers can donate milk.

Mother’s Milk Banks

  • It is a service provided by the hospitals or nursing homes, where breast milk is collected, screened and stored.
  • This milk is donated by healthy lactating mothers, who willingly donate the milk.
  • This milk plays a vital role in meeting the nutritional requirements of babies biologically born to other mothers.
    • Some people consider this milk no less than ‘liquid gold’, as it contains all the essential components, which are required for a newborn baby’s growth and development.

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By Moderator June 28, 2019 10:15