The sea phase of the 11th edition of MILAN which witnessed participation of 26 ships, one submarine and 21 aircraft, has culminated.


  • It is the largest-ever edition of the exercise that saw the participation of 40 countries, including all major navies of the world including Quad countries, Russia and from West Asia amid tensions in Ukraine and developments in West Asia.
    • The U.S is being invited for the first time.The invitees include all Indian Ocean littoral states and countries from south-east Asia among others.
  • It is being hosted by the Eastern Naval Command at Vishakhapatnam for the first time.
  • MILAN, multilateral exercise began in 1995 with participation of only 4 countries-Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
  • Theme: this year’s theme was ‘Camaraderie – Cohesion – Collaboration’ which aims to project India as a responsible maritime power to the world at large.
  • Compatibility and cooperation:A series of complex and advanced exercises were undertaken in all three dimensions of Naval operations to enhance compatibility, interoperability, mutual understanding and maritime cooperation amongst the partner Navies.
  • The goals of MILAN are aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of SAGAR - Security and Growth for All in the Region.

Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) capabilities: The Navy also showcased its DSRV capabilities during the exercise. It is meant to rescue submarines in distress. India is one of the few countries in the region to possess this capability.

Fleet review: complete review is usually conducted once during the tenure of the president.

  • Since Independence 11 TFRs have been conducted by the Navy of which two have been international Fleet review is in 2011 and 2016.
  • More than 60 ships from the Navy, Coast Guard, Shipping Corporation of India and the National Institute of Ocean technology and submarines and more than 50 aircraft are expected to be part of the PFR this year.
  • The first PFR was held in 1953 for the first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

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