Context: Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University has developed a vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2 through ‘reverse vaccinology’.

More on news: 

  • In the first phase, the university has developed a synthetic polypeptide that could bind the viral genome.
  • In the next stage, polypeptide on tissue cell lines will be done. 
  • Testing on tissue cultures will start after obtaining certain approval from regulatory agencies.
  • Viral culture in the laboratory to develop a vaccine, and this was time-consuming. It will take time to find out the protein in the virus. 
  • The ‘reverse vaccinology’ technique has been available for the last 10 to 15 years. 
  • Reverse vaccinology is an improvement on vaccinology that employs bioinformatics, pioneered by Rino Rappuoli and first used against Serogroup B meningococcus.
  • The basic idea behind reverse vaccinology is that an entire pathogenic genome can be screened using bioinformatics approaches to find genes. 
  • Those genes are filtered for desirable attributes that would make good vaccine targets such as outer membrane proteins. Once the candidates are identified, they are produced synthetically and are screened in animal models of the infection.


Image Source: India Today