Mega Food Parks  



Providing a mechanism to link agricultural production to the market by bringing together farmers, 1and retailers

To ensure maximizing value addition, minimizing wastage, increasing farmers income and creating employment opportunities particularly in rural sector.



It is implemented by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which is a Body Corporate registered under the Companies Act. 



States                                      Capital grant by Central Government

General areas :                      50 percent of the eligible project cost

Difficult and hilly areas:       75 percent of the eligible project cost

Maximum of Rs. 50 crore per project is provided.

The grant-in-aid under the scheme is released in four installments of 30%, 30%, 20% and 20%, subject to other scheme parameters,

The eligible project cost is defined as total project cost but excluding cost of land, pre-operative expenses and margin money for working capital.


Working Approach

It is based on the “Cluster” approach and envisages creation of state of art support infrastructure in a well-defined agri / horticultural zone for setting up of modern food processing units in the industrial plots provided in the park with a well-established supply chain. Mega food parks typically consist of supply chain infrastructure including collection centers, primary processing centers, central processing centers, cold chain and around 25-30 fully developed plots for entrepreneurs to set up food processing units.



Current Status

So far following 18 Mega Food Parks are operational