The meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Members of Parliament for the Ministry of Steel was held on 24th February 2020.

Key Points


  • These committees are constituted by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  • These are normally constituted after the new Lok Sabha is constituted.
  • This implies that these committees stand dissolved upon dissolution of every Lok Sabha and thus, are reconstituted upon the constitution of each Lok Sabha.


  • The guidelines regarding the composition, functions, and procedures of these committees are formulated by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.
  • These consist of members of both the Houses of Parliament.
  • However, the membership of these committees is voluntary and is left to the choice of the members and the leaders of their parties.
  • The maximum membership of a committee is 30 and the minimum is 10.


  • These committees are attached to various ministries/departments of the Central Government.
  • The Minister/Minister of State in charge of the Ministry concerned acts as the chairman of the consultative committee of that ministry.
  • These provide a forum for informal discussions between the ministers and the members of Parliament on policies and programs of the government and the manner of their implementation.
  • The Consultative Committees are not Parliamentary Committees. A parliamentary committee:
    • Is appointed or elected by the House or nominated by the Speaker/Chairman.
    • Works under the direction of the Speaker/Chairman.
    • Presents its report to the House or to the Speaker/Chairman.
    • Has a secretariat provided by the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha?

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Source: PIB