Context:  The President awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar to 15 women.

  • Nari Shakti Puraskar are awarded every year by the government  to recognise the service of women towards the cause of women’s empowerment and social welfare.
  •  The 2019 winners are from fields as diverse as agriculture, sports, handicrafts, afforestation and wildlife conservation, armed forces and education.




Bina Devi

Awarded for popularising mushroom production in  Munger district,of Bihar, helping 1,500 women.

Mann Kaur

Widely known as a “Miracle from Chandigarh”. 

  • She won four golds at the World Masters Athletic Championship, Poland and set a record by becoming the world’s fastest centenarian at the American Masters Game, 2016.

Kalavati Devi

A mason, won the award for acting as the driving force towards reducing open defecation in Kanpur. 

  • She is responsible for building over 4,000 toilets in villages and has gone door to door to create awareness of the ills of open defecation.

Padala Bhudevi, 40, 

Awarded for working for the welfare of tribal women and widows, training 30 women in making mehendi cones and hair care products.

Arifa Jan

Awarded for reviving the art of Numdha handicrafts and has trained more than 100 women in Kashmir.

Chami Murmu

Fondly known as the ‘Lady Tarzan’ of Jharkhand, has been involved in planting more than 25 lakh trees along with the Forest Department and by mobilising more than 3,000 women.

Nilza Wangmo

Awarded for  Alchi Kitchen Restaurant, the first one to serve traditional Ladakhi cuisines.

  • She has trained 20 women from Ladakh who manage the restaurant and has represented Ladakhi recipes in 5-star hotels. 

Rashmi Urdhwardeshe

Director of the Automotive Research Association of India. 

  • She has rich experience in the fields of automotive R&D, testing and homologation, framing of test standards and regulations.

Tashi and Nungshi Malik

The first women twins to scale Everest in 2013.

Kaushiki Chakraborty

Classical vocalist with more than 15 years of experience.

Avani Chaturvedi Bhawanna Kanth, and Mohana Singh Jitarwal. 

The first women fighter pilots. 

Bhageerathi Amma(105), and Karthyayini Amma (98)

They have passed the Class IV literacy equivalent examinations.